MARC Prints ( is an ecommerce store featuring unique t-shirt, totes, and sticker designs with a distinct feminine bent. It is now closed.

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It evolved from a mom/kid-focused website (MARC Prints was named for my son) featuring stickers and cute printables to clothing and accessory items for women. Ultimately, order fulfillment and customer interaction (even given a very limited social media presence) was very time-consuming, particularly after adding merch for my primary business (wine stores). Soon, I had less time for creating and other hobbies. So I scaled down, shut down the store, and now only offer a few designs via tee public (store name Quel Parish) and some other vendors/dropshippers.


A few examples

I designed stickers mostly focused on planners, journals, and calendars. For t-shirts, totes, and other accessories, a variety of motifs and themes were explored. Some designs have been re-purposed/redesigned for Quel Parish and merch for our wine stores, Triangle Wine Company.